Website features

MemberPoint has website options to suit any club, no matter the size. Select from one of our cutting-edge templates out of the box, or have a website custom designed and built.

Membership management

There are two options for managing your club memberships.
Use your exisiting system.
We can take any membership system and embed it into the website. This will do everything provided by your membership system, but with limited options for customisation.

Use the Member Point custom membership module.
Integrated directly into your website and styled to your brand, this option gives you complete control over the look and functionality of your system.

Website design

MemberPoint has basic and premium templates designed specifically with clubs in mind. Your chosen template can be recoloured and styled to fit with your club’s brand. You can also work with our design team to create your own custom-built vision.

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Content management system (CMS)

Our websites are built on WordPress, a powerful CMS tool used to drive more than 15 million sites on the internet. The MemberPoint team has developed hundreds of WordPress sites.

Online forms

Cut down on laborious paperwork by creating your own online forms. MemberPoint allows you to add the fields you need, then send email alerts to administrators or members. You can also export form data to an Excel spreadsheet.


We use industry best practice to produce, deploy and maintain your site. MemberPoint will ensure that your site always has the latest stable software, detects any attacks and is monitored to ensure consistent member experience.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

MemberPoint sites are designed to be friendly to search engines, and we give you the tools to maintain and measure your search engine content and metadata. We can even help you target specific keywords, and employ Google adwords and Facebook advertising.

Email marketing

MemberPoint makes it easy to build and send emails to your members using your website content. Forget copying and pasting text, images and links - composing a newsletter is as easy as “drag and drop”. We can even synchronise your member database so your email lists are always up to date.

Custom development

The MemberPoint team has been working in web development for over 15 years and has built hundreds of sites. If there is something you need that isn’t on our standard offering, let us know and we can develop it for you.