App features

Communicate with members direct to their phone with the easy-to-use MemberPoint app.

Membership system integration

The MemberPoint app integrates seamlessly with your membership system. Members can securely log in to the app to update their details and check other account information.


Send general notifications to all members, or to specific groups. Send immediately or schedule for later.

Buy a day pass

Prospective members can sign up to your club through MemberPoint and pay a temporary access fee. Record all their important information directly into your membership system.
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Club news and events calendar

Members can view your club calendar, scroll through events in date order and view the details of each event within the app. MemberPoint can also take a news feed (RSS) from your current website and display news, images, links and other files within the app.

Member search

Easily search your member database to find details for any member. View all their info and call or email them in one simple step.


Set your club's location and deliver real-time weather information to your members.


If your club has a webcam, MemberPoint can display a stream within the app.

Social media

MemberPoint can merge all your club’s social media channels into a single feed. No more moving between different apps and websites to keep up to date with the club’s social news.

yacht clubs

Crew sign on

A simple interface allows skippers to register a crew and make the details available to race officers. Our membership system, race management software and day pass features tell you who’s on the water.
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