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After working with clubs for more than 20 years we have seen many clubs try to embrace technology. Unfortunately, clubs often end up with many different admin systems running at the same time. In 2016, we devised a solution to this "fragmentation" of systems and MemberPoint was born. The concept was to provide a cost-effective solution to stitch together all the technology used by clubs into one platform. These merged systems allow clubs to deliver member services via a single app or website.


Robert Savage

Managing Director

Robert Savage - Managing Director

Robert's first web development customer was a club, and he has continued to work in the sector for more than 17 years. Crucially, he has also worked as a manager of a club and is a member of a golf club. Robert will be happy to walk you through any questions you might have about our products and can identify potential new integration partners and deliver your club's specific requirements.

Brenton Bull

Technical Director

Brenton Bull - Technical Director

Brenton has worked in web and app development for more than 15 years. Like Robert, he has been involved in developing websites for a variety of clubs and has a great understanding of their needs. Brenton keeps abreast of the latest tech trends to ensure MemberPoint is at the forefront of technology. If you have an idea for the app or website, Brenton will be able to implement it.

Vivian Oliveira

Implementation and Support Manager

Vivian Oliveira - Implementation and Support Manager

Vivian is MemberPoint’s gun implementation and support manager. She makes sure your app and website are set up correctly so your members are kept happy. If you have a problem or a question, Vivian can answer it for you.

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